Auction #16 Signed copy of The Ghost Brush by Katherine Govier

Another great book by a great Canadian author! I haven’t had a chance to read The Ghost Brush, but my God is sounds GOOD!

Book description

As a child, Oei joined her father, Hokusai, the printmaker, in his studio. In a time when a woman was a possession of her men folk, Oei laboured to bring her father’s visions to life. Her home of Edo (Tokyo) was the largest city in the world, teeming with peasants, warriors, townsmen, merchants, and nobles.  Always broke, living beyond convention, dodging the censors and devoted to the old man, Oei left hundreds of beautiful pictures. But she – and her work – are lost to history.

Or are they?

Now, 150 years after the death of Edo’s great eccentrics, scholars examine the thousands of Hokusai paintings in museums from New York to London, Amsterdam to Tokyo.  Some are forgeries; many are the work of students. But the authorship of the greatest works, painted in the last ten years of Hokusai’s life, is a mystery.

This novel combines international research, scholarly detective work, and imagination. It brings a great, lost woman artist to life—and exposes the process by which she was subtracted from history.

Learn more about The Ghostbrush.

Thanks so, so much to Katherine for the donation! This is just the first of several of Katherine’s books that will be up for auction.

  • This auction will run from today until 11:59 pm Est June 5th and is open to North America.
  • All bids will be in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must increase by at least a dollar.


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30 responses to “Auction #16 Signed copy of The Ghost Brush by Katherine Govier

  1. Another book by one of my favourite Canadian authors … and for such a worthwhile cause … how can I resist?! Let’s start at $20.

  2. Dawn Hunter

    $25 again 🙂

  3. $30
    Take that, Dawn! 😉

  4. I don’t think you ladies realize how much I want this book. Elbows sharpened …

  5. Carmel Purkis

    Ha! While Angie is busy with her elbows, I’m going to slide in a bid for $47.

  6. Though I’ve given personal signed copies of THE GHOST BRUSH as gifts, I don’t yet own a copy myself, so here’s $55. Who else is ponying up?

  7. I’ll pony up, Janet. $57

  8. 9X7= $63
    It’s your move.

  9. I think, Janet Somerville, you under-estimate how badly I want this particular signed copy of The Ghost Brush.
    $70 is a nice round number, don’t you think?

  10. I may be underestimating your desire, but $71 is a prime number, don’t you agree?

  11. Mary Hachigian

    One of my all time favourite books was Angel Walk by Katherine G. I read it by coal oil lamp under a mosquito net in Hemlock Channel, Georgian Bay. I say $80!!

  12. Oh Mary – just when I bid high enough to scare Janet off, you show up.

  13. I’m bidding $100 for The Ghost Brush. Word!

  14. Mary that sounds like a wonderful way to read Angel Walk. I miss Georgian Bay so much.
    I think you are all very generous. It is such a wonderful cause too. I think perhaps I’ll offer a 2nd copy to the runner up!

  15. Et tu, Vicki?
    OK, I’m done playing Miss Nice Guy.

  16. OK then … $150 it is.
    Have to say this is one of the the nicest ways of not being nice, eh?
    Katherine, if you offer a 2nd copy, both the winner and runner-up will donate their bids, correct?

  17. Oy, yoy, yoy – I thought for sure my big raise would scare you off.
    That’s Dr. Nice Guy to you from now on. 😉
    And I agree – it’d be great if there were two copies — two happy customers and twice as much money for Slave Lake Library.

  18. Oy gevalt, Doc! The audacity! It renders me nearly verklempt!

    $152 already!

  19. This is getting hilarious. How am I supposed to play tough when you’re making me laugh so hard?

  20. You’re laughing … and I have to schlep all the way over here and bid *again* …?!? I could plotz!
    $154, for heaven’s sake!

  21. Oh no $154 — the last woman awake won!! And I had two hours on my side with the time change, but you still beat me. Well played.

  22. Well played, indeed! What good (vicious!) fun for a great cause.