Auction #21 Signed copy of She Dreams in Red by Alexis Kienlen

I haven’t had a chance to read Alexis book yet, but the reviews rave about She Dreams in Red.

Book description:

She Dreams in Red is the story of journeys. Poems travel from China to Canada, to Indonesia, to Mongolia into the mysteries of the human heart and romantic relationships. 

She Dreams in Red explores the author’s unique cultural background and history, travels and encounters with love and loss. These poems attempt to make sense of the world, as the poet exposes herself to the world with simple images painted in clean brushstrokes.

Thanks so much to Alexis for donation a copy of her beautiful book.

  • This auction will run from today until 11:59 pm Est June 5th and is open to North America.
  • All bids will be in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must increase by at least a dollar.


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5 responses to “Auction #21 Signed copy of She Dreams in Red by Alexis Kienlen

  1. Treeleaning

    Heh, heh, heh. If I’m very quiet, I think I can grab this wonderful book for a song. Er… maybe not a song, I’ve been told my singing voice is not too tuneful. How about $20.00?

  2. tiziana

    I would love to read this book. She sounds amazing. My bid is $25.00

  3. Eileen McKie


  4. I am not bidding because I own this book. But I can recommend it. It’s wonderful.

  5. I’ve been dying to read this book. I’ll go 35.00.