Auction #22 Signed copy of Cool Water by Dianne Warren

I have a copy of this book that I won a while ago, but haven’t read it yet.  But every once in a while I pull it off my shelf and tell it I love it. Oh and it won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction. You know, in case you care about that kinda thing. 🙂

Book description:

Juliet, Saskatchewan, is a blink-of-an-eye kind of town — the welcome sign announces a population of 1,011 people — and it’s easy to imagine that nothing happens on its hot and dusty streets. Situated on the edge of the Little Snake sand hills, Juliet and its inhabitants are caught in limbo between a century — old promise of prosperity and whatever lies ahead.

But the heart of the town beats in the rich and overlapping stories of its people: the foundling who now owns the farm his adoptive family left him; the pregnant teenager and her mother, planning a fairytale wedding; a shy couple, well beyond middle age, struggling with the recognition of their feelings for one another; a camel named Antoinette; and the ubiquitous wind and sand that forever shift the landscape. Their stories bring the prairie desert and the town of Juliet to vivid and enduring life.

This wonderfully entertaining, witty and deeply felt novel brims with forgiveness as its flawed people stumble towards the future.

Thanks so much to HarperCollins Canada for the book donation.

  • This auction will run from today until 11:59 pm Est June 5th and is open to Canada.
  • All bids will be in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must increase by at least a dollar.


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9 responses to “Auction #22 Signed copy of Cool Water by Dianne Warren

  1. Ooooh – this is one of my very favourites of 2010. I already own the hard cover, but I highly recommend it!

  2. $15.00
    notmytypewriter (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Dying to read this book, so I’ll bid $20.00.

  4. Carmel Purkis

    I’ll join in at $23

  5. I will bid $30!

    (Thanks for doing this for Slave Lake!)

  6. Taren

    35!! Tarentrew at gmail dot com

  7. Eileen McKie