Auction #33 Signed copy of Anything Boys Can Do by Angie Abdou

This is Angie’s first book. I haven’t read it yet, but LOVED her other two books. So I think it’s safe to say that this collection of short stories will be amazing.

Book description:

Angie Abdou’s short story debut is a sassy collection about likeable women running wild. In an irreverent vivisection of cultural myths of gender such as “women are born nurturers” or “men are inherently more aggressive”, Abdou reveals the silent contracts that lie at the underbelly of polished marriages, platonic friendships, barroom flirtations and not-so-meaningless sex.
Abdou’s characters have an easy honesty, a dirty-kneed grace that reminds us of girls who climbed trees and pulled the wings off butterflies. Now grown up, they offer biting and insouciant revelations into sexual stereotypes, fear of intimacy, and anger management. Abdou”s stories brim with the emotional, moral and social conundrum of living GAP commercial feminism on a thrift store budget, and provide a deliciously self-effacing joyride through the girl slums of Boystown.

Thanks again to Angie for the donation:

  • This auction will run from today until 11:59 pm Est June 7th and is open internationally.
  • All bids will be in Canadian funds.
  • Bids must increase by at least a dollar.


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17 responses to “Auction #33 Signed copy of Anything Boys Can Do by Angie Abdou

  1. Sounds like a great collection! $15

    Twitter: @jacqua83

  2. Treeleaning

    Ha! I’ll go $25.00!

  3. Ok, let’s get serious about it: $30.00 now!

  4. Carmel Purkis

    ‘a sassy collection about likeable women running wild’ sounds like this auction!

  5. Treeleaning

    I was thinking the same thing Carmel. Or maybe it’s “a likeable collection about sassy women running wild”. 🙂 $38.00

  6. Ok I’ll go wild with $40.00!

  7. This is a VERY good cause and I have being fortunate to have started a collection of Angie’s books, so I would like to up the bid to $50.00. So, here’s hopin’.

  8. I’m in the same boat so I’ll ease it up to $53.00.

  9. Slave Lake was close to my old stomping grounds.

    I’ll ease it up to $55.55 (liked the look of it).

  10. Let’s just keep easing it up. How about $58.00?

  11. You’re all amazing! Thanks for bidding – such an important cause.

  12. Good cause, good cause, good cause…good book I hear.

    Moving on up to $60.00.

  13. Might as well make it $65.00! 🙂

  14. Hmm! Let’s make it $68.00

  15. If this is closed, congrats to Cheryl. I had to leave the computer and do other stuff, and when I remembered the auction it was 12:30! If it’s still open I would keep on bidding. 🙂