Auction #67 Signed copy of The Dance of Bullying by Ken Pierce

A very important and timely book, IMO.

Book description:

Thousands of children avoid school each day for fear of being persecuted by their peers; countless more dread it for the same reason. This timely, insightful, and truly practical handbook shows parents, teachers, school administrators, and community leaders how to create healthier, safer schools and communities. Based on the physics and psychology behind bullying, The Dance of Bullying explains the interpersonal dynamics that cause one child to harass another. Easy to understand and apply, the tools and techniques in this comprehensive guide include: The innovative “What’s Next” intervention strategy The groundbreaking Demartini Method® to enhance a child’s feelings of self-appreciation and gratitude Skill-enhancing tips for both educators and family members Invaluable insights into the minds of both the bully and the bullied Specific actions to help adults intervene decisively By understanding the bullying dynamic, you will be able to intervene with far greater impact—and in a way that honors everyone involved. With your help, all children can emerge from these relationships with greater self-esteem and improved interpersonal skills. With The Dance of Bullying, you will be able to instigate significant changes in your school and community. The Dance of Bullying is an illuminating guide which shows educators and parents how to effectively deal with bullying while helping children grow in both self-esteem and wisdom. 

Thanks bunches to Ken for the donation.

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  1. Kim

    With my first starting kindergarten next fall! I should read this!
    $10.00 kharmatiuk(at)gmail(dot)com