A thank you for bidding

So, thanks to the wonderful people at Sourcebooks and the amazing Helene Boudreau, I have a gift for each and everyone who bids on an item during the auction!

Everyone who bids will receive a free ebook of Helene’s Real Mermaids Don’t Wear Toe Rings. This is one of my favorite YA books this year, so I am beyond excited to get to share it all with you!

Here’s how it will work: if you’d like the ebook, just email me at colleenmckie ((at)) eastlink ((dot)) ca. I’ll confirm that you did, indeed, place a bid and then I will email you the coupon code and link to the where you can get the ebook. It’s available in epub or PDF (so can’t be read on Kindle) and the coupon will be valid until June 30th.

So go ahead, place your bid and then read this AMAZING book.

Happy bidding!



3 responses to “A thank you for bidding

  1. Kim

    Darn! I already bought this, after your review I had to read it! So good!

  2. You’re doing something amazing here, Colleen and I commend you. I’m going to be in touch very soon with something for the auction at the very least.. something amazing if it works out.

    I’ll be in touch.

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