Why are you raising money for Slave Lake?
Slave Lake is a community in Alberta. Last week it was hit with a wildfire and at least 40% of the town was destroyed, including the Slave Lake Library. I live in Canada and my husband works in Alberta. I just wanted to do something to help.

Are you taking book donations for the Slave Lake Library, too?
No I’m not. But the library is accepting donations of books no more than two years old. Head over to the Slave Lake Library website for more information.

So how does this whole online auction thing work?
Starting Monday morning I’ll be posting items up for bid daily. You can bid on each item by adding your bid amount and an email address in a comment. Each auction will run for a week.

How will I know if I’ve won?
Once each auction closes, I’ll be emailing the winners. You can also check back on the auction you’ve bid on.

Can I bid on more than one auction?
By all means, yes!

What happens once I win?
I will email you that you were the winner and the amount that you bid. I will also email you the link to the Slave Lake Library so that you can make your donations directly to them. Once you’ve paid your donation, email me a copy of confirmation of payment and your mailing address and I will pass your address on to the person donating your item and it will be shipped out.

Can’t I just send you the money?
Nope. I am an individual and not registered as a non profit organization.

Okay, this is great but I still have a few questions.
Not a problem! Drop me a line at colleenmckie (at) eastlink ca and we’ll chat. 🙂


3 responses to “FAQ

  1. tiziana

    This is an excellent way to help out Slave Lake.

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