If you’ve like to donate something bookish for the auction -signed book, manuscript or query crit, book swag, etc – just drop me an email at colleenmckie (at) eastlink ((dot)) ca.

I’ll basically be accepting donations as long as they come in.

Thanks bunches!


13 responses to “Donations

  1. Hi Colleen,
    I’d like to donate a signed copy of my book “In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae.”
    If someone would like to have it signed for a special veteran in their family, can do, with thanks for their service.

  2. I’d be happy to donate signed copies of my newest titles THAT BOY RED, and THE TROUBLE WITH DILLY and CATCHING TIME.
    Please tell me where to mail the books — and thanks, Colleen, for doing this.

  3. Christy

    Hello Colleen! Blessings to you for what you are doing. I’d like to donate a copy of my middle grade/picture book FATTY LEGS signed by both my mother-in-law (who it is about) and I. If you could message me the details on how to get it to you, I’ll send it out ASAP.
    Christy Jordan-Fenton

  4. Christy

    Oh, I ca be dense at times (in the middle of getting kids ready for school). I suppose we probably send them directly to the winner. Anyway, you can put us down for a hardcover. Legs

  5. Christy

    Sorry, one last. You have to paste the link or it doesn’t work. Ok, I’m out the door. Again, blessings to you.

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  7. Hi, Colleen

    Just wondering what the deadline is for the auctions and also is it too late to donate a book.

    I have a children’s book I would like to donate. It is a picture book with a great story about Synni and how her adventure teaches her that sharing is a good thing. It is a 40 page hardcover book. All of the illustrations in the book were sculpeted in polymer clay. About 600 books are in circulation already, mostly in Canada, but some in other countries as well (Spain, England, US, Norway and New Caledonia).

    The title of the book is Little Synni’s Moonlight Mischief (A Stibil Forest Adventure). Please check out our website at

  8. Hi Colleen
    I’d be happy to donate signed copies of all or any of my books; can you tell me which you’d like and where to send them?

    Adult Novel:
    The Violin Lover

    Kids’ Novel:
    Bernadette and the Lunch Bunch

    Running in Prospect Cemetery; New and Selected Poems
    Henry Moore’s Sheep and Other Poems
    Hide & Seek

    Literary Criticism: The Picturesque & the Sublime: A Poetics of the Canadian Landscape

    Susan Glickman,

  9. Hi Colleen, I’d really like to donate signed copies of my YA books CAPTURED and THE DARKENING, and would also like to make a special faerie doll to go with the auction. I should have the doll done by next week. I’ll let you know when she’s done! Maggie 😀

  10. Hey guys, sorry to hear about the library, I’d like to donate a copy of ‘The Night the Aliens went on Strike’ (paperback) and I’ll meet the postage from the UK. Signed however the recipient wants. Just let me know


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